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Night Theater
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Long ago, there was an island nation in the southern sea that enjoyed a great period of cultural prosperity. Surrounded by natural beauty and gifted with tremendous intellect, the island's residents believed their peaceful lifestyle would go on for all time. But one morning, a fearsome demon broke free from its ancient prison and began to drag the island into the depths of the sea. With the end growing ever nearer, the king ordered his most loyal retainers to gather as much of the nation's...

Ramen! Ramen!
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    You’ve landed a spot on the line at one of the best ramen shops in the world — at least to the locals. It’s a cozy three-seat where the ramen better be worth the wait. So, you’ll need to work quickly and carefully to send Bowls flying. But, there’s a catch: you’ve agreed with your fellow line cooks that whoever serves the most (and the best) Bowls of ramen gets to walk away with all of the day’s tips. So, fire up the noodle boilers and get to work on crafting the most delicious ramen possible...

    Sailor Moon Crystal: Imposterous
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      The Deathbusters have captured someone from the Sailor Guardians team and replaced them with a Daimon imposter! Fortunately, Luna and Artemis discovered their evil plot and now everyone must work together to identify the pretender. By asking the characters a series of questions and then comparing the answers for ones that don’t align with the rest of the group, the cats can unmask the imposter and direct the rescue of the captured team-mate before it’s too late. PLEASE NOTE: This product...

      Sailor Moon Dice Challenge Season 3
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      Exciting new special abilities include summoning Daimon to battle your opponent in your stead, locking your opponent's dice, "exploding dice" that add to your dice pool when you roll max values, mimicking your opponent's dice, swapping dice values, and splitting your dice in half. Contents include: 12 new character cards, each featuring a hero or villain from Season 3 of the Sailor Moon Crystal series 18 polyhedral dice - three coloured sets (pink, purple, and black) of six different dice...

      Sailor Moon: Truth or Bluff
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        Are you telling the truth or bluffing? Keep your opponents guessing as you pass tiles around the table and try not to get caught being too obvious. Watch out for the Dark Kingdom villains, though, because they can mess with your plans. When one player triggers the end of the game they are defeated and the player with the most number of Success Tokens is the winner! Players each attempt to avoid running out of Character Tiles and/or filling the conditions on the selected Ending Tile that...

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          Testament is a cooperative monster-battle board game for 1-4 players designed by Yasushi 'Kuro' Kuroda, creator of Unicornus Knights, The Ravens of Thri Sahashri, and Alicematic Heroes. Testament features tactical combat, challenging boss fights, and deep character customization and is known for its punishing difficulty and deep reliance on teamwork. A cooperative monster-battle board game for 1-4 players developed by veteran designer Kuro. Create your own hero by choosing from 5 distinct...

          The Last Brave
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          The world was on the edge of ruin. Endless battles between disordered nations pushed humanity into anarchy, exhausted lands, and threw the future into uncertainty. But even in the midst of such a chaotic world, the hand of salvation finally reached out. A great champion, The First Brave, single-handedly bested each and every army, ending all fighting. And thus he proclaimed: “Only the strongest among you shall fight.” From that point on, any army was meaningless in the face of such...

          The Tree Lined Avenue
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            Be a big-time landscape designer and design the most beautiful park! There's a new plan to build a large park with its symbolic tree-lined avenues. However, the avenues cross paths, and the number of available trees are limited. Design the park so that the avenues you are in charge of are the most beautiful in the park. Players take turns choosing trees and placing them to build a park in a 6x6 grid. As the trees provided in each round are limited, players fight over them. Higher points can be...

            Tokyo Ghoul: Bloody Masquerade
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              In downtown Tokyo, ghouls are on the move, and they can only quench their thirst with coffee and their bloodthirst with human flesh. Humans are easy prey, but the investigators from the fearful CCG are on the lookout. Their job: make the ghouls out in the crowd and hunt them down. In this bluff-and-deduction board game, play as one of 15 different characters from the anime, including Kaneki, Touka, Juzo and Rize. Whether you are a mere human, a ghoul, or an investigator: roam the streets of...

              Tokyo Sidekick
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              • 2023 Winter Sale

              In a world where Variant Humans exist, evil is always just around the corner, and our Heroes can’t handle it alone--every Hero needs a Sidekick! The underground world you’re about to discover has so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to fight to save the city to discover it all Winner of the prestigious Tokyo Game Market award, this immense co-op game is the biggest game ever to come out of Japan! Each player takes control of one Hero and one Sidekick, and can use all of their level up...

              Tokyo Sidekick Scenario Pack
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              • 2023 Winter Sale

              Akihabara Web is a scenario expansion for Tokyo Sidekick - includes one new Sidekick, exclusive to the expansion, two new menaces, standees for all three characters (both cardboard and acrylic) and scenario cards!