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Players Choice Oversized Sleeves - Clear
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    Players Choice Ultra-Small Clear Sleeves
    Price: $8.00
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      Tokyo Sidekick
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        In a world where Variant Humans exist, evil is always just around the corner, and our Heroes can’t handle it alone--every Hero needs a Sidekick! The underground world you’re about to discover has so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to fight to save the city to discover it all Winner of the prestigious Tokyo Game Market award, this immense co-op game is the biggest game ever to come out of Japan! Each player takes control of one Hero and one Sidekick, and can use all of their level up...

        Tokyo Sidekick Acrylic Standee Set
        Price: $49.95
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          Upgrade your copy of Tokyo Sidekick #1 with this full set of 40 character standees. Watch the board really come to life as you play with these beautiful standees and player color rings, which all fit into the base game box. All the heroes, sidekicks, villains, supervillains, and menaces are included, their bases printed with the corresponding color to their type. The ten player color rings allow you to quickly identify your characters.

          Tokyo Sidekick Jigsaw Puzzle
          Price: $19.95
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            Featuring the cover art of Tokyo Sidekick, this 1000-piece puzzle is extra challenging - it is die-cut to the edges of the image, so no square corners here! Puzzle measures 13" x 21.5" when assembled.

            Tokyo Sidekick Scenario Pack
            Price: $19.95
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              Akihabara Web is a scenario expansion for Tokyo Sidekick - includes one new Sidekick, exclusive to the expansion, two new menaces, standees for all three characters (both cardboard and acrylic) and scenario cards!

              Oversized Playmat - Tokyo Sidekick 2-Sided Map
              Price: $34.95
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