Japanimaniac, n.

An endearing term for an individual who is passionate about Japanese culture, anime, and tabletop gaming - others tend to describe Japanimaniacs as ‘weird’ or ‘off-putting’...

Little do they know, there are thousands of us! ;)

The Original Japanimaniacs

What do you get when you mix an ex-comic book store owner turned anime convert, a Maid of Many Hats, and a Japanese-to-English translator otherwise known as ‘Babblefish’?

Answer: Team Japanime.

Though from wildly different backgrounds, we all have at least one thing in common – we’re crazy about tabletop gaming.

The fun. The connection with each other. The belonging.

Our Fan Favorites

Fight sinister forces in Kamigami Battles. Conquer the throne in Heart of Crown. Or become Master of the House in Tanto Cuore. Meticulous design; rich, authentic imagery; and engaging gameplay are a few of the reasons why Japanimaniacs can’t get enough of these titles.

Road Map

What's next! 
Take a glimpse into upcoming features and milestones. Join us on the journey ahead!

Quarter 1 (Jan. - March) 2024

Core Connection 2  Releases

Core Connection, affectionately named “mech-builder” rather than deck-builder, uses a mecha theme combined with unique deck-building mechanics. And its sequel is on the way! Core Connection 2 builds upon mecha anime tropes and delivers in a big way. Attach components to your mech, battle it out with alien creatures, and race to acquire the most victory points in the form of Energy. Core Connection 2 adds even more to the universe of Core Connection with new mechs, more pilots, and more for 2-4 players


Queerz! Releases

QUEERZ combines the normality of everyday life with the intense, action-packed world of being a super-hero. However, it isn’t just every day bad guys you’ll be looking to ght, but the ultimate goal of ridding the world of Ignorance – a dark, glass-like substance that infects people and prevents them from seeing the beauty and variety that life can bring.To break through this Ignorance that plagues the people they face, the Queerz have an ability called ‘Rainbow Empathy.’ With this power they reach through to the Inner Space, a psychic dimension where they are able to interact with the person hiding behind all that Ignorance and nd out what made them into a villain. Then through acceptance and empathy, the Queerz win the battle by transforming the villain into an ally.

Heiki Strike Releases

Heiki Strike Alternative is a tactical card game for 2 players. Players are commanders, building squads of Heiki (mysterious beings that suddenly appeared all over the world, appearing to be the spirits of weapons in human form) to confront each other. Choose to play Axis or Allies, use air or sea superiority to take the offense or deplete the other squad’s resources to claim victory. Heiki Strike Alternative is releasing as a joint project between Japanime Games and our sister company, Kamikaze Games.

Heiki Strike pledge manager on Gamefound is still open!

Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy Preorder

Japanime Tactics is designed for two players, with teams of up to four characters each from various favorite anime titles. At launch, Japanime Tactics will focus on Granblue Fantasy by Cygames, Inc. and future expansion plans include Black Clover, Sword Art Online and more.

Vibrant acrylic standees and tactical gameplay create a world to battle the teams against one another. The starter pack will include rules for up to a four-player game, but will require a second starter to play more than two players. A two player game takes about 60 minutes.

Heart of Crown 2.0

Translating the game that came out in Japan, HoC 2.0 will keep the best parts of the game while introducing new Princess art, new Market cards, fine tuning mechanics and how to incorporate both versions. Maisy just cracked open the package and will keep us all updated on what she finds.

The campaign is starting in February, don't miss it and sign up now!

Fruits Basket - Tiles of the Zodiac Powered by ZU

Dive into the world of the Soma family, each member possessed by a Japanese Zodiac animal, and elevate family rivalry to new strategic heights!

Fruits Basket: Tiles of the Zodiac is a tile strategy game using the core mechanics of ZU Tiles and expanding upon
them in this new stand alone featuring the incredibly popular Fruits Basket anime! Take part in breaking the family curse by bringing everyone together with compassion or tearing everyone apart with combat

Quarter 2 (April - June) 2024

Tanto Cuore 6  & Motto! Tanto Release

Japanime Games is progressing in the design stages of the next Tanto Cuore offering right now, with the working title of Memento Mori : Twilight Manor. The new edition of the game is being worked on by our friend, designer, AND professional Ghost Hunter, Ross Allison. Ross will be working alongside the original designer for the game, Masayuki Kudo, and bringing a spooky new feel to the game. Memento Mori : Twilight Manor will feature ghostly servants and live ones too, with a whole new twist to the Tanto Cuore franchise!

Motto! Tanto was originally published by our partners at Arclight Games years ago, and we are bringing this fun new twist on the game to the rest of the world! In the Motto! Tanto deck building card game, you will play with the maids you know and love in a new way! Choose one of the unique High Class Maids to take responsibility for your staff as they race to prepare for the biggest outdoor party of the year! Choose carefully: Without the right guidance, your maids can’t complete Food, Decoration, or Cleaning Preparations.

Hack Clad

Monsters given the name of Clad have brought devastation upon humanity. However, they also hold a valuable resource known as magic stones. The only ones able to face them are witches given the power of future sight, who compete for the most fame. Players take control of these witches trying to complete missions and gain the most magic stones from the Clad.

Hack Clad in development - We Bring Japan to You!