Japanimaniac, n.

An endearing term for an individual who is passionate about Japanese culture, anime, and tabletop gaming - others tend to describe Japanimaniacs as ‘weird’ or ‘off-putting’...

Little do they know, there are thousands of us! ;)

The Original Japanimaniacs

What do you get when you mix an ex-comic book store owner turned anime convert, a Maid of Many Hats, and a Japanese-to-English translator otherwise known as ‘Babblefish’?

Answer: Team Japanime.

Though from wildly different backgrounds, we all have at least one thing in common – we’re crazy about tabletop gaming.

The fun. The connection with each other. The belonging.

Our Fan Favorites

Fight sinister forces in Kamigami Battles. Conquer the throne in Heart of Crown. Or become Master of the House in Tanto Cuore. Meticulous design; rich, authentic imagery; and engaging gameplay are a few of the reasons why Japanimaniacs can’t get enough of these titles.

New Favorites Coming Soon!

Japanime is constantly working on projects in every phase: Sourcing new titles, designing graphics, translating to other languages, and crowdfunding projects. Everyone's favorite step in the process is the final one - print production, which gets the game made and shipped to the warehouse. Keep tabs on your favorite game with the road map and where on the road it travels.