The princesses are back!

Ten years ago, we first met seven very special princesses - First Princess Lulunasaika, Second Princess Laolily, Princess General Flamaria, Scholar Princess Bergamotte, South Sea Princess Klam Klam and the Twin Princesses Lain and Shion. Since then, we've added other princesses to the kingdom, brought in the fae, and battled endlessly to put our favorites on the throne.

This year, we celebrate ten years of Heart of Crown! Coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday, February 6, Japanime Games is happy to offer two versions of Heart of Crown Second Edition!

The very limited edition, all-foil Jubilee Edition will ONLY be available during the campaign - we will only print enough to fulfill the campaign, and then they will never be available again!

The general-release of the Second Edition of Heart of Crown will be available during the Kickstarter campaign and will then be made available through FLGS, distribution and of course, direct from us.

Heart of Crown, Fairy Garden and its expansions

There have been six games in the Heart of Crown line released over the past 10 years - the original Heart of Crown and two expansions, Far East Territory and Northern Enchantress - then a second standalone base game, Fairy Garden, brought in Six City Alliance and Path Before Heaven.

In Second Edition, things will be a bit more streamlined. The Fae from Fairy Garden will be integrated into the expansions! This campaign will include the new Second Edition base game and Far East Territory. The remaining expansions will be released in the near future.

Heart of Crown Digital Edition

A brand-new version of the Heart of Crown digital game is on the way as well! In development now, it will be available through Steam - you'll be able to preview it during Steam Next Fest, and then if you back a tier in the campaign including the digital game, you'll get a beta key right after the campaign ends to continue playing before release! Check out some of the footage of the development below!


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