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    The Terra Formars card game uses a combination of unique dice and cards to create a nice balance of resource management and back stabbing your friends. Based on the popular anime and manga series, Terra Formars, players take the role of the egotistical heroes sent to Mars to cleanse the humanoid cockroaches from the planet so humans may settle the newly terraformed planet. The 7 unique dice create the resources each round to buy cards to enhance your character and steal kills from your opponents. At the end, the player who killed the highest priority targets wins the game.

    As a pre-order special only for consumers who purchase directly from Japanime Games or their Favorite Local Game Store. Preorders will ship for free within the continental US, AND we will include the promo pack: The Terra Formars promo pack includes 2 new allies, a new enemy cockroach and an additional character, Liu Yiwu, to choose from including a new token to mark his quarry (Contents: 4 cards and plastic token).

    The 4 Heroes are the squad captains, each represented by a Hero Card and Hero Marker.

    Each Hero has their own Technique and Talent, and begins the game with the 2 Support Cards listed.
    The 31 Support Cards depict the squads and equipment sent to Mars.
    Each Support Card shows its Acquisition Cost at the top and an effect at the bottom. Equipment effects are permanent as long as the Equipment remains in play, while Squad effects are activated when played.
    The 15 Cockroaches represent the threat the Heroes must eliminate:
    Each Cockroach has Health points and a Talent. Defeating them can award Victory Points, as well as Spoils.
    The 6 Combat Dice determine what actions the Hero can take on their turn.
    The Special Die is sometimes used to strengthen Hero actions.
    The 12 Star counters (value = 1)
    The 42 Injury counters (values = 1, 3, or 5)
    The 30 Victory Point counters (values = 1, 3, or 5)

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