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    The Sword Art Online Board Game: Sword of Fellows is a cooperative, dice-based battle game. You will take on the role of one of six different characters who are trapped in SAO. Team up with your friends or go solo and face a series of obstacles which you must overcome in order to defeat the game and escape back to the real world.

    Play time: 30 minutes Players: 1- 4 Age: 10+

    The deluxe version comes upgraded with foil cards, a limited edition box design and is only available through Japanime Games.

    Each character in the game has their own unique fighting techniques called “Sword Skills”. You will use your Sword Skills and other abilities to defeat the enemies you’ll encounter as you explore the world of Aincrad. But like any good MMO, you cannot defeat your enemies alone. That is too dangerous! Instead, you must use your Sword Skills in tandem with your allies to launch powerful chain attacks!

    Combat in the game is resolved by rolling dice. You and your partner both roll your dice, using rerolls and character abilities to manipulate the results to maximize damage and chain attacks. Defeat your enemy, and you can advance deeper into the cruel and unjust game of SAO.

    If you can manage to survive long enough to face the final fearsome foe, you will have a chance to beat the game and earn freedom for you and your friends. But if you are not strong enough… well, let’s just say that losing this game could have serious real-world consequences…

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