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The Team Japanime program is a great way spread your hobby, meet new players and participate with Japanime Games at conventions across the world. In addition to having great times at conventions and in-store events, you can earn "Kama" by running events and demos and it can be applied towards Japanime products, opportunities to participate in play tests or other behind the scenes developments, and occasional advance access to models before they hit the street.

The basic requirements:

  • A completed application telling us about yourself and your gaming experience
  • A digital photo of yourself.
  • An endorsement from a store in your area- An owner/manager's name, the store's name, address, and phone number are sufficient.

We hold our members to the same high standards as we do our own staff, but we give as good as we get. Be aware that there are several reason as to an application can be rejected, some of the more common are below...

  • Coverage: We can only support a few members in any one area. If there are already enough active members we will not add more.
  • Employee status: In general, game store employees and staff are ineligible. The program requires neutrality and the ability to support multiple stores.
  • References: All references will be checked and confirmed before acceptance.
  • Missing information or images: The application must contain all requested information and images for us to properly process an application.
  • OP Manager's verdict: Based on all data we have about an applicant we must make a final verdict on whether or not an individual will be a fit for our program.


  • Opportunity to volunteer at conventions all around the country.
  • Rewards for each event run: Each hour earns you 1 Kama Coin that can be redeemed for product.
  • Run 5 Events and get a Team Japanime t-shirt
  • First chance to preorder upcoming products and have access to exclusive merchandise
  • Be part of a great organization that supports your favorite Japanime Games.
  • Become an official judge for our games when it becomes available.

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