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    Included one Rinnegan eyed Madara figure, its Gunbai war fan, its Sharingan eyed extra head, its base and its window box. Madara Uchiwa is the sixth Naruto Shippuden’s figure in the Xtra by Tsume collection. They decided to treat the ultimate villain with a DXtra (an Xtra figure with special feature): an extra head! This time, the character is not set in motion. However the sculpting and the painting are even more accurate than previous pieces and Madara is a pretty tall guy. He comes with his red armor, his gigantic war fan (“gunbai” in Japanese) and his Edo Tensei face features the rinnegan eye. Madara Uchiwa Xtra by Tsume is a complex figure with high level of sculpting and painting. The weapon, or the hair need lots of parts and the overall has lots of gradients and even a metallic varnish on the armor. And you will also find an extra head in the box featuring the ultimate sharingan! Xtra by Tsume collection offers new figures that are more detailed and more accurate figures. Xtra by Tsume figures come with the classical yet classy black base. ©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.

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