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    Includes one Obito Uchiwa figure, an exploded mask and a Gunbai war fan. Obito Uchiwa is the ninth Naruto Shippuden’s figure in the Xtra by Tsume collection. Member of the Uchiwa clan and Kakashi's rival, Obito is a character with a tragic past who, with Rin's death and his meeting with Madara, completely changed to give birth to a new Obito full of hatred.This figure represents the revelation of Tobi under his true identity : Obito Uchiwa. It shows his mangekyou sharingan and Madara's rinnegan. The figure present a dynamic pose, with his mask shattered in pieces and Madara's Gunbai in his left hand. The new Xtra by Tsume series offers new figures that are more detailed and more accurate. Xtra by Tsume figures come with the classical yet classy black base. ©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.

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