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    *** THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM. It is due to ship Winter 2017. If you order this with other items, your shipment will be delayed until all items are available ***

    This expansion requires the base game to play and may be integrated with other Heart of Crown expansions.

    The set will include 66 cards: 1 new Princess Card: Anastasia, Witch of the Northern Limits and 13 action cards.

    Here are some interesting cards to look forward to!

    - Cursed Doll (All five cards have unique art. When you buy them they go in the player to your left's deck and there's no way to get rid of it other than paying 2 gold to pass it to the player to your left)

    - Baptism (Banishes a non-Land card from your discard to gain half its cost in succession points

    - Can combo well with methods for acquiring lots of mid-to-high value cards cheaply)

    - Noble's Daughter (second-highest succession point value next to the Duke, significantly lower cost but can only be bought, never gained with a card's ability, and can't be acquired if you play a village)

    - Monopoly (declare the name of a card, all players reveal one card of that type from their hand, deck or discard and you pick one of each to be banished, then in the buy step of your turn you can buy them as if they're in the market)

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