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    This awesome two shelf Ammo Box will fit both Barbarossa and El Alamein for easy and efficient storage of your battle gear! It is limited to 2,000 copies and includes the Heavy Tank Battalion Promo Card and dividers.


    - Heavy Tank Battalion Promo Card is included inside the Box

    - Two shelves inside the box. Trays will be 10" long to fit the dividers and cards with sleeves.

    - 10" long of interior space so that you can fit all of the cards inside the box. Box is approximately 10.5" long, 4" tall, and 6.25" wide.

    - Magnetic closure that holds your cards inside the box.

    - Dividers for Barbaross and El Alamein are included inside the box. There is a total of 50 dividers printed with the pile names and images on them (similar to Tanto Cuore).

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