Sword Art Online the Board Game: Sword of Fellows available for pre-orders!

We are excited to announce that Sword Art Online The Board Game: Sword of Fellows is available for pre-orders! This exciting new dice-based battle game has been designed by renowned game designer Mr. Seiji Kanai, designer of 'Love Letter' and 'R-Rivals.’

Players will take on the role of their favorite heroes from the animated series trapped in Sword Art Online’s world of <<Aincrad>>. Using sword chain attacks, potions, and equipment cards, players will face a series of deadly enemies on their journey to escape from their virtual imprisonment.

Japanime Games has been working in conjunction with Kadokawa and Arclight Games, to release Sword Art Online The Board Game: Sword of Fellows in August of 2017, making this one of Japanime Games' most ambitious Kickstarter release schedules yet. After backer fulfillment, the game will be available through retail, distribution and on JapanimeGames.com. Japanime Games will be teaming up with foreign partners Arclight, Ynaris, GDM Games, and Primigenia Juegos for a worldwide release in several languages.

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If you'd like to take a peek at the rules, there are PNG images available here - we're working on getting them converted to PDF:

Side 1

Side 2

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