Remington UDX Action Figure

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This figurine of Remington introduced the UDX Collection which is quite similar in terms of size of the DX Collection , but is distinguished by a much higher finish in both the paint, materials, assembly and especially the number of points joint that pass from 7 to 17. The character, which served as reference for the design is that the cartoon Wakfu not theRemington Comics (even if they are visually very similar).

Note that the first figures sold 2000 contain Granny ’s brotherRemington was transformed into chacha (cat in Dofus ).

Dimensions: 16.5 inches high, 6.2 inches wide and 3.2 inches deep.Weight: 96 g (with weapons)

The difference in quality with DX Collection obvious: the molding is thinner, assembly fittings are better hidden, but mostly it is equipped with type joints Revoltech . These joints allow considerable mobility of each member which allows a child more freedom of play and a collector to provide varied and elegant poses. The character is very balanced, it’s easy enough to give it a stable pose.

To vary the poses, three heads are provided and three pairs of hands which allows a Remington to keep its weapons Shushutées . None of them has been forgotten, so there is the boomerang blade, two pistols, but especially with the sword handle eye has the same characteristic as the sword Rubilax the figurine DX Tristepin . Indeed this eye has two removable lids to be able to give him “emotional expressions”.

Finally note that one of the interesting aspects has made the proportions are quite close to the figures of the DX collection (about 17 cm) so that the juxtaposition of two collections works great.The difference in price of 10 euros compared to the DX collection seems fully justified in the light of the gain in the quality of production and also the number of removable accessories. This model really has many assets to attract fans of Remington .

Bonus: Granny

This cat figurine Granny comes with a bonus the first 2000 figures sold, so do not be surprised if you can not find it in the box.

Dimensions: 5.1 inches high, 3.8 inches wide and 5.7 inches deep.

Weight: 34 g


An effort was made to improve the packaging with respect to those of the version of DX. This time, there is a flap held by Velcro that can be opened to view the figure behind a transparent plastic sheet.

The dimensions are the same as the boxes figurines DX, except the tab for hanging the box on a store shelf has disappeared, which gives a much more elegant side to the whole.

Packaging Dimensions: 20 cm high 17 cm wide and 10 cm deep.

Weight: 340 g with the toy

To enhance the “high end” printing, graphic designers used a metallic ink and opted for a sober and elegant layout for one can not classify this figure in the “children’s toy” category. The result is conclusive and perfectly to the height of the product it contains.

The lid of the box is fitted, so it is possible to reuse the packaging to store the model after use.

The images are scanned in high enough resolution to read texts written on it. You just have to click to see larger images. You can then zoom in to read the information in the box.

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