Meet Bryon Kizer!

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Meet Bryon Kizer!

Bryon is competing this weekend at the Krosmaster World Championships! Get to know him better! Route for him and all of our US players this weekend! Can’t be there? No problem! Tune in on Twitch!

How long have you been playing?

I found out about and picked up the game at PAX Prime 2013 which would make it a year and a half or so.

What other kinds of games do you play?

Pretty much anything you can think of. For card games, I mostly play Netrunner and a bit of Magic now and then. I enjoy many board games, Sentinels of the Multiverse is probably my favorite. I still play some video games and role-playing games with friends a couple times a month. I enjoy basically all kinds of gaming.

What is your favorite team of characters to play and why?

It’s certainly not the best team but my favorite is Yugo, Qilby, Luk Ylook, Di Curey just because I enjoy combos and either locking someone down with Qilby and Luk’s abilities or handing off range to Yugo so he can burst people at a distance feels strangely satisfying.

What would you like to say about your general strategies? Do you have a certain play style or strategy that you have developed to Master the Krozmos?

In tournaments, I try to play things that are well rounded. If you have a team that’s very focused on one thing, and you happen to run into someone who is able to counter or ignore that one thing then you are really unlikely to win that game.

As far as play style goes, I try to stay flexible. I do like to try and control the board and react to what they’re trying to do. I spent the entirety of Nationals going 2nd and I was usually happy about it.

Care to share your thoughts on strategy for the Worlds? There have been several teams posted from the winners in other countries- do their team selections inform your choice in Krosmasters at all?

I’m still testing and practicing and probably will be even up to the day of Worlds, so it’s hard to say anything for certain but the winning teams from each of the Nationals are worth considering, trying to play against, with, and learn more about from both sides.

What did it feel like to compete at Nationals?

Nationals was really cool to compete at. There were a lot of interesting teams and characters I like but you don’t see that often. It was also more than a little nerve wracking when it was getting down to the cut to Top 8. Once I was there, I had some good fortune to run into a team that couldn’t do all that much against my particular one and locked it in for top 4. After that, the pressure was gone and I got to play a couple games against some very skilled players.

What are you looking forward to at Worlds? Are you nervous? Tell us about your plans for your trip!

We were originally planning to try and turn it into a longer trip by buying my lovely girlfriend a ticket and extend my flight back but it ended up not working out due to the reschedule and limited time off from work, so I am pretty much flying in with enough time to try and adjust my sleep schedule then heading home. I’m certainly some mix of excited/nervous.

If you could be any Krosmaster, who would you be and why?

Time manipulation has always been interesting to me, so probably Nox.

What do you love about Krosmaster and why are you an avid player/collector?

The source material is neat, the game plays well and the models look fantastic out of the box.

Do you watch Wakfu?

Some of it.

If so who is your favorite character and how do you think they compare to their figure?

I think most of the characters translate really well on their characters, but Yugo is probably the most directly fitting.

What is your favorite class?


What are your favorite teams and why?

I have a soft spot for anything that pumps out the token critters, but I won regionals with Nox and cheap friends, then placed at Nationals with Merkator and cheap friends, so I guess teams with a level 6 and support is where I tend to go.

If you are an online player, what are your stats?


Do you prefer to collect as many coins, and rewards as possible, or get right to the action?

I like to get my coins and also push forward and present a threat, which is probably why I tend to have teams that have a big guy and lots of small ones, so I can do both at the same time.

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