Player Spotlight: Jay Adkins

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Player Spotlight: Jay Adkins


What is your favorite team of characters to play and why? 

-Captain Amakna, Makum Bah,Quentin Flush x2. - This is my favorite team because it fun to play Captian Amakna is so versatile and pairing him up with Makum Bah makes them a nasty duo to mess with. With the the chance of the Quentin doing four damage depending on how lucky you are.

What are your other favorite teams and why?

-Victor Don Voom, Percedal, Evangelyne, Quentin Flush

-Because this is first team I won a tournament with. I like to run a mix of well balance character. Victor Don Voom is a nasty peices because he over look and can possible do 6 damages with no rewards.

What would you like to say about your general strategies? Do you have a certain play style or strategy that you have developed to Master the Krozmos? 

- This is a tough question. My general strategy is to win by taking my opponent krosmaster figures down. I hate winning by buying their GG. My play style changes base on the team I’m using and what my opponent using. For example the team I use for national which was Captain Amakna and Gein. I had to play reserve and not miss a opportunity to take down a opponent figure. One bad play can possible cost me the whole tournament. 

If you could be any Krosmaster, who would you be and why? 

-Harry Sah because who doesnt want a pet dragon. 

What do you love about Krosmaster and why are you an avid player/collector?

-I love the Krosmaster art style. Krosmaster is my game of choice because the gameplay. I love the many options you have on your Krosmaster turn. Also buying from the reward shop. Gameplay rarely happen the exact same way as before, keeping the game play fresh.
Do you watch Wakfu?
-Yes love the show.The show gives a lot of the Kromaster figures some back stories and makes you want to play them next time. Also I wish Amakna makes Nox’s minions. So I can have a level 12 team of Brotherhood of Tofu verses level 12 Nox Army.

Who is your favorite character and how do you think they compare to their figure?

-The Dark Crow, He hasn’t came out yet. I hope he is awesome figure just like his character in the show.

What is your favorite class?

-Enutrof, This what i play as in the MMORPG. I love collecting rare loot and helping my guild get the rare items they need also. I’m also working turning a season 2 figure into my custom Enutrof.

What is your most memorable game of Krosmaster?

-This tough, I would have to say most memorable game of Krosmaster is my first tournament win online. It was my favorite team above against a Goultard team and I came down to my opponent rolling doubles on the tension roll.

If you are an online player, what are your stats?

- W/L/S 99/67/10

Which Krosmaster brings the best memories to you?

-Kassius Kaos this reminds of the Deku Mask from Zedla Majora’s Mask. Another one of my favorite childhood games

Do you have a rival? Who?

-Yes, My Best Friend Brian, Between the two of us, it always been a who can do this better match. And without him, I wouldn’t have a practice buddy for big tournaments.

Do you prefer to collect as many coins, and rewards as possible, or get right to the action?

-All of the above, You have to get the rewards as the benefit you. Because if you past up the your opponent might be wanting the same thing. I always tried to get right in the action. I hate the waiting game.

What has been your worst streak of dice rolls? How about that perfect roll streak?

-I went a five game losing streak due to my dice wont roll critics or defense and my opponent getting the tension roll. Worst feeling ever when you cant roll anything in your favor.

- I went one game where ever roll, I made was something in my favor.

Have you ever done any fan art?

Working on some custom boards and figures, no pictures yet all still Work In Progress.

Tell us about your experience at Nationals?

Great, I was very nervous of making a mistake and losing. My first game in the Swiss round was my most nerve racking with me up against a Goultard rush. It was a very closes match I bought the last GG.

My driving force was just to bring a win to Toledo,Ohio. I have always competed in nationals for other games and never won. Krosmaster was different because it has a online ranked matches.

The competition in nationals was tough. A lot of good players and new ones. I was happy with the amount of new players there because it shows the game is growing. To be a player in the national championship felt awesome. First time making it to the finals and with a undefeated record I was feeling pretty awesome. The result of the championship I felt where good. I wish I could have stayed for the rest of the event. But I had to work the next day back in Ohio so that Monday was a long day for me. image
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