Character of the Week: Ayan

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Character of the Week: Ayan




  • Mobile
  • Great Kama Potential
  • Excellent cost to damage ratio


  • Health
  • Range
  • Item-dependent


Ayan is a two point Eliatrope that we are very excited to feature. His high mobility and potential for huge amounts of damage at a low cost makes him very appealing to a wide variety of team compositions.

While Ayan is position dependent and requires some thinking ahead, we feel he is one the strongest two point characters you can choose for your team.

Tips for playing Ayan:

Early game gold farming is crucial – Ayan’s farmer ability allows him to gain one Kama each turn he picks up a Kama. A first turn Ayan can easily grab three to five gold on his first turn.


The Wakfu Tunnel ability gives you the potential to move up to seven spaces per turn – use this to gain distance on your opponent’s early game, or close gaps when needed. His Wakfu Tunnel can teleport him past smaller obstacles such as bushes and used to escape enemies without a Lock roll.

Keeping Ayan positioned is very important. With only six HP, many characters can easily close the gap and KO Ayan. Be mindful of your opponent’s spell ranges, as one bad turn can put Ayan in harm’s way. Luckily, between his three movement and the four spaces you can move with Wakfu Tunnel, he can quickly remove himself from a dangerous situation.

Intelligence is key –Ayan’s ability Intelligence adds one attack die for Wakfu Burn as well as an extra defense die for any red elemental attack inflicted against him. If given the ability Critical Hit from either a tension roll or an item Ayan can really hit hard due to having three attack dice per Wakfu Burn!

Taking Ayan on the offensive requires some foresight. You’ll want to plan the turn ahead if you want to use three Wakfu Burns on one turn, as that will expend all six of your AP.



We’d like to recommend a full team of six Ayan’s, but that would be Illegal (can only take two max on a team!)

Using two Ayans to compliment a six point character such as Goultard, Nox, Qilby, or Gein can be highly effective as Ayan’s farming ability can be used to snowball items on to your other characters as well as being a decent secondary source of damage himself.

Ayan is one of the few two-point characters can outperform two one-point characters (Quintin Flush, Coa Gulary, etc.), due to his high mobility and Kama farming potential.

Demonic Rewards:

Anything that buffs Ayan’s Wakfu Burn can be highly valuable for high burst damage. Items that increase survivability are also very valuable. With enough HP, Ayan can take on higher point characters toe to toe.

Tier 1:

Stasis Crystal


By far the strongest item for Ayan, giving Wakfu Burn a base three damage as well as providing three attack dice per attack thanks to Critical Hit. The Armour can also be crucial since bursting with Ayan may leave him open to attacks the following turn. This power comes at a price however, as Stasis Crystal is a twelve Kama reward and only lasts for a turn.


Crimson Dofus, Iop Style, Pyro Buff - These three Demonic Rewards provide significant damage boosts to turn Ayan into a real threat.

Mush Mush Set and Emerald Dofus add much needed survivability to Ayan and should be nabbed whenever possible!

Tier 2:



Sram Style, Xelor Style, Pyro Boost, Cawwot Dofus, Cra Style

These items also provide extra damage or attacks for Ayan’s Wakfu Burn, just not as effectively. Do not underestimate their usability though!

There are many other items you can use on Ayan to improve his survivability – so keep that in mind!


All in all, Ayan is a very versatile piece that should be taken into consideration if you’ve got two points on your team to spare.

Any particular characters you consider undervalued or underplayed? Let us know – we’d be happy to feature them!

- The Kama Farmers: Travis (Travisaur), Kevin (groundcoffee), Mike (boywonder), JJ (swtchbldbndt)

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