Holiday Spectacular Sale!

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Holiday Spectacular Sale! Pre-Order Kerubim’s Bazaar and Duel Pack #2 and get a Kwismas Present! AND we have some crazy Holiday season mark downs! All Season 1 Window Boxes are now $20, Frigost is now $30 and Multiman is now $30!!!

AND Japanime Games is committed to spreading the Holiday cheer this year so for every $100 generated with the sale (between now and December 5th) Japanime Game will donate a game to Toys for Tots!

Also- Resin Boards are coming in Dec 12th, Duel Pack 2 is arriving any day now, and all other upcoming releases are in! Which means that all Junior, Duel Pack 2, Keribums Bazzar, Brotherhood of the Tofus will arrive in time for Xmas*!!!

*Domestic orders placed by Dec 15th will arrive in time for Xmas. Orders placed after Dec 15th and International Orders are not guaranteed.

Place your orders and pre-orders now!!!

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