Super Creative Mountain of Gold!

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Super Creative Mountain of Gold!

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“This map is based on a creek that has dried up. It must have been near a mountain that had a lot of gold, because there is a lot left over! The stream was very deep, and now that the water is gone, there is a deep trench which is perfect for hiding and collecting kama.

LAST UPDATED ON: 5/26/2014 @ 12:57 PM PST

Line of Sight: On normal ground you must be adjacent to or 1 space diagonally from the trench to see inside (purple squares). All other ground spaces block line of sight into the trench. The same applies for being in someones line of sight that is in the trench (gold squares).

Close Combat: All rules are normal regardless of 1 figure being in the trench, and the other on normal ground.

Areas of Effect: An AOE may only cover 1 elevation (normal ground, or trench) This is determined by the space you target.

Normal Movement: Moving into the trench costs 1 MP. Moving out costs 2 MP.

Special Movement: You can be pushed or pulled into the trench, but not out. The same applies to Kickmaster and Charge.”

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