A Very Special Fountain...

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A Very Special Fountain...

Check out this neat fountain map! I like the concept of the healing waters….


In English.

Welcome to the edge of a very special fountain because if at first it might seem beneficial, are we certain that it really is?

We have :
8 trees
8 bushes
4 crates
32 kamas
6 demonic tiles.

The 4 red tiles at the center of the map represent a fountain, its principle is relatively simple although it must be divided into several parts :

- Any Krosmaster IN the fountain at his turn MUST consume 3 AP to drink the fountain’s water before any other action. Drinking water from the fountain heals 2 damages. If the AP cost can’t be resolved, the Krosmaster isn’t healed, take 2 damages and -1 AP marker

- If a Krosmaster enter the fountain when he already has removed damages markers (by spell, power or DR), he takes 1 damage instead of healing himself with no AP cost. Furthermore any use of the fountain to heal prevents the Krosmaster healed by it to loose damage markers by any way until the beginning of his next turn. If the fountain healed, only the fountain can heal.

- If a Krosmaster already used the fountain three times (with healing or damage fountain effects), any additional use will not heal but deal 5 damages with no AP cost.

- If a Mob enter the fountain, he is healed for 1 damage. The fountain only have effect on mobs when they enter it. If a mob stay in it, there is no effect.

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of this map.


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