Press Release - Tanto Cuore International Crowdfunding Launches June 7!

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Tanto Cuore International launching June 7th 2016 on Kickstarter, Verkami, StartNext, GiochiStarter and Ulule!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - May 26, 2016 - Japanime Games is bringing Tanto Cuore to countries across the globe! They will launch a multi-platform crowdfunding campaign in 5 languages on June 7th 2016. Their goal is to translate the Tanto Cuore series in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Campaigns will be held in English on Kickstarter, in French on Ulule, in German on StartNext, in Spanish on Verkami and in Italian on GiochiStarter. The Kickstarter will feature Pledge Levels in every language, and all campaigns will include new promo cards and exclusive accessories. Free shipping to the US and EU, as well as Asian Friendly shipping will be available.

Japanime Games’ goal is to be funded by 250 backers in each language available through Kickstarter, Ulule, StartNext, Verkami, and GiochiStarter. A total funding calculator will be integrated into each campaign, giving backers a real-time total which combines the funding from all 5 campaigns. Stretch goals will be reached every 5K based on the overall funding total. Other languages may be added to the campaign based on fan interest. Each language will be represented by a pledge level and if 250 backers support the pledge level, Japanime Games will commit to making Tanto Cuore in that language. Japanime Games and their partners at Arclight Games plan to develop brand new promos cards for the game to represent ten nationalities. They will also release a variety of exclusive add-ons and accessories throughout the campaign. Each campaign platform will also have a non-game pledge level that includes all stretch goals to ensure promotional materials are available to all fans! Japanime Games has also planned internationally friendly shipping rates in an effort to expand the Tanto Cuore brand across the globe. All five crowdfunding campaigns will launch simultaneously on June 7th, 2016.

President of Japanime Games Eric Price is quoted as saying “Japanime Games is excited to bring our brand and Tanto Cuore to so many fans through these excellent international crowdfunding platforms!”

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