Why Count Harebourg is Awesome!

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Why Count Harebourg is awesome!

Count Harebourg


  • Lots of board control
  • Sinistro summons are awesome
  • Lots of unique spells
  • Unfazed ability


  • Sinistros are tied to Harebourg’s health
  • Reliant on Demonic Rewards
  • Weak early game


With the holidays approaching right around the corner, the Kama Farmers our getting out our finest Kwistmas trees and getting into the winter spirit!

We’d like to give you guys and gals some insight today to one of Krosmaster’s frostiest characters, Count Harebourg! He’s a fairly tanky level six Xelor who provides a lot of board control thanks to his Sinistros. For one character he has a lot of abilities to cover though so we’ll get started and help you make sense of all that he has to offer!

Tips for playing Count Harebourg:

Count Harebourg takes some setup to reach his full potential, but luckily he has many tools at his disposal to keep him alive long enough to snowball his strength with Demonic Rewards late game.

The Long Thaw: For a level six, Count Harebourg’s damage output is weak compared to many others of the same cost. Early game should be prioritized with farming Kamas on the board and assessing what threats your opponent has. You’ll need to play make decisions while you farm for the right tools to freeze over your enemy, keeping yourself and your Sinestros from taking too much damage before you can return the favor! You’ll definitely get poked for some damage, so keep an eye out for Rewards that heal or make you more durable while you farm those Kamas!

Sinistros can be used early and mid game to create a defensive wall around Harebourg, or cut off choke points on the map you are playing on. When you decide to summon a Sinistro, be mindful as they won’t get very far with only one MP a turn and any Sinistro damaged will also cause damage back to Harebourg. Sinestros provide most utility when they can be summoned and used right away that turn.

Both Harebourg’s summoning and teleport abilities don’t require line of sight, so for 7 AP you can both summon a Sinistro and swap places with it, leaving an enemy to deal with a summon that will get to take its turn right away after Harebourg is done!

When you’re ready to strike use Sinistros and his teleport ability to push enemies into your team and box in weaker targets!



There are a lot of characters that play well with Count Harebourg as well as cover up some of his pitfalls. Characters that can get Harebourg the Kamas he needs, or characters that can heal him such as Di Curey, Ally McZeal, or Lil Healey can make Harebourg an unstoppable force at the center of the board.

One of our more interesting favorites is Harry Sah - at 5 points it’s a gamble as you’ll be using eleven out of your twelve points on your team, but between his ability to heal, Natural Defense(giving all your summons Armour), and giving your mobs the ability to use their attacks twice per turn with high energy shot, he compliments everything Harebourg does well and makes him a beast on the board. You can afford to be a little more bold with your summons (use your Sinistros to push enemies twice per turn) while you collect the Kamas you need for your Demonic Rewards.

Demonic Rewards

Ice Dofus, Ochre Dofus, Treechnid Set, Celestial Wand, Lil’ Kwoko and any boosts or buffs that amplify his elemental attacks are ones that are definitely purchases to snap up as fast as you can. When playing with Harebourg, you’ll play more games for the long haul rather than a quick strike, so keeping his long term survivability in mind is the top priority.

All in all, if you’re looking to put some investment into Count Harebourg, he’ll put the deep freeze into your opponents!

Any suggestions on Krosmasters you’d like to be represented? Have an awesome combo we didn’t mention? Comment and let us know!

- The Kama Farmers: Travis (Travisaur), JJ (swtchbldbndt), Kevin (groundcoffee), Mike (boywonder)

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