Press Release - Terrifying Girl Disorder!

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There’s no reason to fear! The Terrifying Girl Disorder is here!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 30, 2016 - Japanime Games' latest project The Terrifying Girl Disorder is an anime themed set collection card game about young girls with terrifying powers, trying to recover their identities. The English edition of Terrifying Girl Disorder will be available through retail, distribution and direct sales, Fall 2017. Japanime Games believes that fans will love this darker addition to their collection of unique Japanese anime themed titles.

As part of Japanime Games’ dedication to quality games, they have updated several of the components of the game from the original editions of the game.

Eric Price, President of Japanime Games is quoted as saying “Fans will love this latest addition to our catalog of amazing anime themed games. Unlike many of our games, Terrifying Girl Disorder has a unique gameplay style, with artwork appropriate for all ages. Find out your true identity!"


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