Press Release - Heart of Crown comes to Kickstarter!

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Japanime Games' latest project Heart of Crown at Gen Con and on Kickstarter!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 19, 2016 - Japanime Games' latest project Heart of Crown was funded on Kickstarter on March 10th at $152K! Heart of Crown is a deck building card game where players nominate and support a princess in a race to take the throne! It will be available through retail in September 2016 after Kickstarter shipments are sent to backers. Japanime Games is also producing the first two expansions in the series, Far East Territory and Northern Enchantress, as well as the Heart of Crown PC Game. Late backers can contact Japanime Games to pledge at Japanime Games is celebrating the release of Heart of Crown at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN during their company Princess Party at The Rock Bottom Brewery August 5th.

Coming in September 2016 Heart of Crown is a deck building card game about an epic struggle over Imperial succession! Each player starts with the same deck, but over the course of the game, players build up their deck with the aim of achieving ultimate victory: getting their princess to the throne. By raising taxes from their territories, players acquire more land and followers to make their deck stronger. When their deck is strong enough, it's time to back a princess. She'll come to their aid with her unique ability. However, when it comes to backing princesses, it's first-come, first-served. Players have to act before their rivals claim their favorite princess!

Japanime Games' latest project was recently funded on Kickstarter and will be released at their company Princess Party this year at Gen Con. A huge success on Kickstarter, the game funded 1500% over its goal. As part of Japanime Games’ stretch goals, the first two expansions to Heart of Crown will be released early to Kickstarter backers in September and will be available to the public within six months after Heart of Crown. Far East Territory will be available in December 2016 and Northern Enchantress will be released in March 2017. Japanime Games has also partnered with Culture Select to release the Heart of Crown PC Game and the first two digital expansions in 2016 via Steam. Japanime Games' Gen Con Princess Party Ticket inquiries can be sent to

Eric Price, President of Japanime Games is quoted as saying “We are excited to bring Heart of Crown to an English speaking audience and to expand our reach to the online gaming community through the Heart of Crown PC Game release on Steam."


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