NOX: The Devourer of Wakfu

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NOX: The Devourer of Wakfu

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Amazing Range

Stealing AP from your opponents can really throw them off

One of the coolest looking Krosmaster figures around

No seriously, he’s ridiculously cool looking


Draws a lot of aggro from your opponent

Base MP is low, has to spend AP for extra movement


Anyone who has gotten deep enough into the Wakfu universe is very familiar with the “Devourer of Wakfu”. In Krosmaster, Nox is a strong threat that if left unchecked, can carry games heavily in (or against) your favor.

We’re not only going to spend some time talking about Nox’s abilities and synergies for this one, but we’ll be taking some time helping you taking down this zealous Xelor should you end up facing him!

Tips for playing Nox:

Nox is strong right off the bat (arguably one of the best level 6 characters), dealing respectable damage at a significant range. He has 14 HP and Armour, making his durability nothing to scoff at. Take the early game to assess threats on the board and poke them with any damage you can safely throw at them with Hand Sword or Time Theft.


?Let’s do the Time Warp again! ?

Besides having a sweet theme song to accompany the move, Nox’s Time Warp is the move that defines him (and grinds at your opponent’s nerves). Nox at first glance only has a base two MP, but with Time Warp, has the potential to move up to another three spaces (that don’t need line of sight – so you can warp past bushes and trees)! Use Time Warp to escape dangerous situations (including Lock rolls) or to close in on smaller targets on the board. Use trees as part of your movement strategy, approach on your targets without giving them the opportunity to hit you.

Ray of Destructive Energy is an excellent attack, doing 2 base damage in a Cross area of effect, as well as applying the Eliacube Master debuff (whenever he inflicts 1 or more damage on an enemy, Nox also makes it lose 1 AP). However, unless you can hit multiple targets with Ray of Destructive Energy, Hand Sword is often the better bet against a single target, applying damage at a better range and stacking Eliacube Master multiple times per turn! Try seeing a piece try to take you out with reduced AP the next turn! (Spoiler alert: they probably won’t).


Carefully look at what spells your opponent has and who you’d like to subtract AP from. Try and keep your opponents from using their strongest moves. Level one and two characters are usually excellent targets for Nox’s spells as lots of them have moves that take their entire AP pool to cast one spell, if you take one or two AP away you can either cut them short of a spell their next turn or in some cases completely keep them from using any spells!

Playing against Nox:

Nox is a tough threat, being beefy enough to resist a round of damage and still escape to a safe distance easily. But with a little persistence and forethought, he can be severely hindered or taken out in a couple turns. A lot of how you handle Nox depends on what your team composition is, but here are some overall tips to help take that pesky Xelor down a peg.

Focus fire! Finding a strategy to take Nox on early is a smart move, he can be very difficult to handle if you allow him to farm and get items that improve his survivability and damage output. Keep your opponent on his toes and keep Nox on the defensive.

A way to buy some time while you wear down Nox is to try and deny him those items that would turn him into an unstoppable powerhouse – either deny him the Kamas or buy the items yourself!

AP is just as important to Nox as it is to you: One of Nox’s most annoying traits is that he can make your characters easily lose AP. Why not try to turn the tables on him? Reducing Nox’s MP, AP, and to a lesser degree range with characters such as Luk Ylook, Raul Bak, and Qilby can really lock down a Nox making him less apt to have the MP and AP to debuff your team. Also keep an eye out for the Glue and Confuse Demonic Rewards, they make for great Nox counterspells!

We’ve also seen teams that use summons like Tofus, Sinestros, or Crackstones to great success on boxing Nox out, forcing him to spend MP and AP to deal with a constant onslaught of tokens.


Weathering the elements: keep your eye out for Demonic Rewards that keep Nox from piling up the damage on you. Buffs that give elemental resistance not only shield you from taking damage from Nox’s attacks, but potentially reduce the debuffs he can stack on you! If one of his attacks do 0 damage, Eliacube Master does not activate for that attack.



Nox is a character many have used in professional play, and with good reason. He synergizes well with many other powerhouses to become a true threat to the Krosmos. Characters that increase Nox’s stats can be absolutely amazing – take Captain Amakna for example, his Kronice ability puts Nox at three MP and nine AP at the start of the game!Throwing down three Hand Swords at six range per turn will definitely make your opponent think twice about their approach.

Along the same lines Qilby and Nox together can make for a great poke team, using both character’s extremely long ranges and Qilby’s Goggles to boost them. Using a team of two characters can be detrimental however, as your board coverage and Kama collecting can be outpaced by your opponent, allowing them to nab the Demonic Rewards that may sway the game in their favor.

Using cheaper characters with farmer or other abilities that help Nox secure the items he needs (more on those below) can make Nox’s time in the Arena much easier. (check out the article we did on one of our favorite farmershere!)

Demonic Rewards

There are a lot of items that play well with Nox, as he benefits significantly from bonus AP, MP, as well as bonus Air, Water, and Fire bonus elemental damage. Feel free to get creative on how you stack your Nox, but here are a few suggestions!

Cawwot Dofus, Emerald Dofus, Aero Buff, Cra Style, Stasis Crystal, Mush Mush Set




These items are pretty self-explanatory, items that either add damage to his attacks (ensuring that Eliacube Master takes effect) or survivability to Nox (as while 14 HP is not low, it does not make him indestructible) can be super helpful in securing a win. Other Buffs and Boosts that match his elemental attacks can also help amp the pressure on your opponents as well.

All in all, Nox is a Xelor definitely worth building your team around, and has seen a lot of professional play. He’s tough to play against, but isn’t infallible. Remember to keep the pressure on your opponent and if you find yourself against a Nox, definitely keep him away from those Demonic Rewards =P

Any suggestions on Krosmasters you’d like to be represented? Have an awesome combo we didn’t mention? Comment and let us know!

- The Kama Farmers: Travis (Travisaur), Kevin (groundcoffee), Mike (boywonder), JJ (swtchbldbndt), Bryan (RANKLANCER)

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