Krosballin' on a Budget

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Krosballin’ on a Budget

Krosballin’ on a Budget

Today we’re going to cover some of our favorite choices for new players looking to expand their collection! We’re shooting for characters that get you the most bang for your buck, so if your favorite character isn’t mentioned on this list it doesn’t mean it’s not playable! We chose our pack selections on overall versatility and synergy with the base characters- we want you to be able to build a strong team without breaking the bank.
If you’re coming straight from the base game, you’re going to want a few anchor characters for teams, as well as some solid and versatile one and two point characters that will work well with many arrangements. This list below contains some of our personal favorites.

Season 2 – Set 8 – Holy Missile

This pack features a five point Kitty Rage a four point Elogio, a one point Poochan, and a two point Ayan. This pack could be played as a team straight out of the box or be matched with characters from the base set to create a solid and well-rounded team. We feel there’s a lot of possible combinations to be had with this pack, so we are sticking it at the top of our list.
An example team with the starter characters could be Kitty Rage, Anna Tommy, Poochan, and Lil Healy. Kitty Rage’s spells hits harder with Ardent Mutilation, but damages herself in the process- Lill Healy helps cover that weakness. Anna Tommy and Poochan help position Kitty Rage so she’s constantly pressuring your opponent.
Another example team is Elogio, Queen of the Tofus, King of the Goballs, and Ayan. You’ll have quite the strong board presence with up to an extra seven summons on the board. Elogio also has a great attack in Crackstone Punch, dealing damage in a square area, and doing a base three damage to the center target!

Duel Pack #1

It’s difficult to go through our list and NOT mention this pack. These two level six characters make solid anchor characters to build teams around. Not only do each of these characters hold their own in a fight, they can also buff the effectiveness of the characters you already own.
For example, Amakna’s Kronice ability (as long as Captain Amakna is in play, his Vigilanteallies gain +1 max HP and his allies who are level 3 or above gain +1 max MP and +1 max AP.) greatly assists the level three characters you get from the base game.
Pairing with characters you’ll already have such as Bill Tell or Lil Healy will allow you to cast extra spells per turn. Opponents will have to think again when you can shoot twice at a whopping eleven range or Lil Healy’s ability to now both heal and attack in the same turn. - Real life Bill Tell

While Amakna finds his strength in synergy, on the other side of the coin Merkator is the base brute of a team. He comes with heavy hitting attacks that damage himself in the process, so you’ll want to think about using other characters that lessen that weakness.
Merkator pairs well with base characters Lil Healy and Anna Tommy. Lil Healy’s healing abilities negate some of the damage Merkator will inflict to himself, and Anna Tommy can be used to put Merkator in the best positions to damage your opponents.

Season 1 – Set 2 – Remington Style

Hailing back to season one, we really enjoy this combination. It is another set of characters that both plays fairly well out of the box and works well with the base characters.
Fern Sock’em is one of our favorite one point choices across the entire game because of the spell Block Seed:

Using Block Doll to funnel your opponents or hinder their movement is well worth the point spent on your team. Placing Block Doll by your opponent’s biggest threat forces them to either fight the doll or risk getting locked for a turn or two.
Remington Smisse and Ally McZeal play quite well together. Ally McZeal’s Motivation helps buff Remingon’s Pulsar attack as well as heal up to twice a turn. Remington can deal a considerable amount of damage at range, and possesses strong board control with his firebombs.
The last character of this four pack is Srammy. He is an excellent two point choice, especially for newer players. His ability, Invisibility, makes him immune to damage unless the attacking character is adjacent to him. He also has an attack that pushes its target two spaces back, allowing you to keep any threats away.

Season 2 – Set 3 – Head Hunters

While we’ve been mentioning packs that work well with base characters, we feel that this one is worth an honorable mention. This team works fairly well straight out of the box, giving you a twelve point team you can immediately play. Gein is one of the strongest six point characters available at the moment, carrying a massive amount of movement and a heavy hitting ability in Mistake (base three damage- just be sure not to hit your own Krosmasters with it, as Mistake hits everything in melee range). Ghett’s abilities both lay out a considerable amount of damage at range and buff movement for your Krosmasters. Kivin and Mike Lock round out the team, they carry some excellent attacks. Kivin can hit without line of sight, and Mike Lock’s Temporal Dust is one of the strongest attacks for a one point character. Just be cautious, as they are both easy to take out.
The only reason this pack is not higher on our list is they do not work super well with our base set characters, but they are definitely not to be underestimated!

You can get pretty far on one or two expansion packs if you plan ahead on what you want to build! However, there are a lot of Krosmasters out there, and as you continue on, you’ll probably want to start experimenting with other combinations and packs!
Any tips you have for new players? Any packs that should have made this list but didn’t? We’d like to hear from you!

? The Kama Farmers: Travis (Travisaur), Mike (boywonder), JJ (swtchbldbndt)

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