King of the Gobballs and Queen of the Tofus Hats!

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Super cute hats! AND ITS THE LAST DAY for Quest and the 3D Board!

Last chance to get some awesome add-ons by pre-ordering Krosmaster: Quest or the 3D Resin Board!


- Season 2 XXL Cards
- Specialty Tee Shirts and Dresses (Nox, Queen of the Tofu, King of the Gobballs) from Mandala Fashions
- King of the Gobballs and Queen of the Tofu Hatsimage

DEALS include:
- 6 Flunch Promos with Quest
- FREE Resin Terrain Set OR 8 Season 2 Booster Packs with the 3D Resin Board

*Wednesday is the last day to preorder the 3D resin Board and receive FREE Resin Terrain or 8 Season 2 Booster Packs, and guarantee shipping in the US before Christmas! In addition, we will be closing the Quest-Starter at this time, so any changes must be made by Wednesday at Midnight. Any changes that need to be made after that point, please email We expect to re-open the Quest Pre-Order once again in 2015 with the launch of our new website.

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