Japanime Games at PAX Australia!

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Japanime Games is at PAX Australia!

Japanime Games is very excited to be attending PAX Australia this year! Stop by booth TT532 for fun and games!

Terra For Mars

Terra Formars the card game releasing at PAX Australia!

Grab a copy at the show and receive a sweet promo pack that includes a new Hero, two new team members and a new cockroach for you to dominate!

More about Terra Formars: players take the role of the egotistical heroes sent to Mars to cleanse the humanoid cockroaches from the planet so humans may settle the newly terraformed planet. The 7 unique dice create the resources each round to buy cards to enhance your character and steal kills from your opponents. At the end, the player who killed the highest priority targets wins the game.


Do you like to party? So do we!

Mangaka is a perfect game to play with your mates at any get-together, and for the first time, it's available to you at PAX Australia! We will have demo copies of Mangaka available for you play. Additionally, if you decide to pick it up at the show, you will get a the Decadent Heart Promo pack for free!
More about Mangaka... the hilarious, creative card game where you & your friends play comic artists competing for fame over 4 rounds of frantic drawing! The Decadent Heart Promo pack includes 3 new Trend Cards and 9 new Theme Cards to bring an elegant new dimension to your Mangaka games. Follow in the fancy footsteps of Downtown Abbey and Tanto Cuore as you sip High Tea over your drawing desk with the "Maids & Butlers" Trend! Write the time-honored 'holiday storyline' with "Seasonal" Trend! Electrify the game by changing your opponents' Themes with "Inspiration"! Plus nine new Themes including "Desserts or Sweets," "Steampunk", "Nosebleeds" and "Prison"!

Tanto Cuore International - Australia PromoLove Tanto Cuore?

Japanime Games is pleased to offer a special Tanto Cuore International Promo for our fans down under! Stop by our booth to play Tanto Cuore and get your FREE PAX Australia promo card!

See you soon!

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