Dynamite Nurse Crowdfunding Campaign in French & English in October

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Ask and you shall receive! After years of fan requests Japanime Games has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Dynamite Nurse in French (on Ulule.com) and English (on Kickstarter.com)! The crowdfunding campaign will run for approximately 20 days in the month of October.

Dynamite Nurse is a deck building card game about Nurses in a fantasy world, who heal brave adventurers injured by dangerous monsters. Hospitals are revered as holy temples of healing and you aspire to become a Nurse of great renown!
Patients come to you seeking treatment for the rarest and most deadly of injuries. Should you succeed and heal more patients than any other Nurse, your reputation as a great healer will be secured! But watch out! Other Nurses will try to harm your reputation and sabotage you while you treat your patients. If a patient dies, the player must take a Kill Mark Card, which damages their reputation and counts as negative victory points! If too many of their patients die, they will become the infamous Dynamite Nurse and they will be feared by all until the end of time.

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