Duel Pack 2

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Duel Pack #2

Duel Pack Two hit store shelves this last holiday season, so the Kama Farmers decided to take these two new characters for a spin!

Duel Pack two features two new characters to enter the Krosmaster Arena, The Enutrof, King Nidas and the Sram, Queen of Thieves.
Up until now, Krosmasters have had abilities like Farmer and Prospecting which have enabled teams to acquire Kama through alternative means. These two characters have new abilities which uniquely affect Kama presence on the board. Mastery of these characters will allow you to have control over purchases during the game. These characters aren’t recommended for novice players, as a lot of their strength depends on their unique Kama-centric powers.
These two characters shine early-game and make for fairly good support, where Kama collecting and Demonic Rewards can help a player snowball their way to victory.

I love gooooold!

King Nidas
Quite mobile
Ranged attacks
Great Kama collector

Low base damage for a 4 point Krosmaster
No Powers outside of Sacred Booty
Is a Boss, limiting team composition possibilities
Abilities lack synergy with other Krosmasters

King Nidas is quite effective at stretching out to the middle of the arena without getting KOed unlike many other equal farmers (Ayan and Diver Barel, for example). His power, Sacred Booty, allows him some fairly solid sustainability, healing one HP each time he inflicts damage, providing you have more Kama than your opponent.
Although he can be a fairly valuable asset early game, his power seems to peter out for multiple reasons late game. His low base damage for his cost can make him a difficult character to place on a team.

Qilby plays surprisingly well with King Nidas. Qilby’s Goggles spell allows King Nidas to poke at considerable range, allowing Qilby and Nidas to deal damage at a distance. Other characters that deny your opponents AP and MP (Luk Ylook and Nox, for example) pair very well as it allows you to shut down opponents who might be vying for Kamas in the center of the board.
We really enjoyed running a team composing of Qilby, King Nidas, and Joris. We had very safe farming potential, using King Nidas and Joris to turn Qilby / Traitor Qilby into an unstoppable powerhouse.
Building items on King Nidas himself is difficult, as he does not benefit from many Demonic Rewards as well as other characters. His high AP spell costs and low base damage usually means you’ll want to spend those easy Kamas on another character of your team.

Queen of the Thieves
Both parts of Occult Plunder are quite strong
14 HP is good for a four point character
Denying your opponents Kama is satisfying!

Melee based Krosmaster
Using Occult Plunder properly can be difficult
Is a Boss, limiting team composition possibilities
Abilities lack synergy with other Krosmasters

The Queen of the Thieves is definitely one awesome looking Sram. Her spells all work to strip your opponent of Kamas, either directly from their pool or from the board.

Using Occult Plunder can be fairly difficult, but very rewarding when used properly. You have to not only consider Queen of the Thieves’ positioning each turn, but your and your opponents Kama pools as well. Misjudging that will significantly reduce Queen of the Thieves’ effectiveness. You’ll want to plan a turn ahead to decide which side of Occult Plunder you try to shoot for, as the power takes effect at the beginning of your next turn.

At the end of the day, these two new combatants to the arena carry some very interesting spells and powers that we really enjoyed playing around with! They will probably have a difficult time finding their way onto completive teams though, as their powers and spells are somewhat difficult to manage and don’t synergize well with other characters.

We are super excited however, that Ankama and Japanime Games are releasing characters with unique abilities such as the ones these two possess. These two Krosmasters put a unique spin on Kama control and board presence.

Between these and the upcoming and highly anticipated Dark Heroes pack, we think there will be a lot of new excellent team compositions to shake up the game.
Any team compositions you’ve made using these two Kama hoarders? Let us know at kamafarmers@gmail.com!

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